Halloween Cupcakes

Yay! Lets do this.. ^_^
You are Mana-chan! This is almost like fanfic.. but everyone will have a different ending.. wohoo!

Enough of babbling, now imagine yourself as the main character…


You look into the mirror… It’s Halloween Night and the party is at Kozi’s house… You check your make up so that you will look perfect in your Dark Angel costume…

ding dong!

“Oh, it’s you.. Come in!”
He closed the door and come next to you… “Bonjour, ma cherie.. You look very beautiful” said the man in the prince costume…
“Thank you, Kamijo-kun” you smiled happily…
“Shall we go now, hime-chan..?”
“Of course” you said, smiling at Kamijo’s prince-charming like gesture as he escort you to the car…

Then suddenly you remembered that you left your cellphone in your room…

————-Now, what will you do..?————–

You ask Kamijo to wait and you run to grab your cellphone…

You just let it be.. you wont bother to answer the any calls at the party anyway…

Choose wisely..

P/S : bookmark this page if you want to continue later.. xD but i still advice since I’m no making the progression yet.. lol When this answers turn to a link, it means that you can choose.. ;] and you will be in the next page xD


One Response to “Halloween Cupcakes”

  1. stellaDIXlove Says:

    yay! i love kamijo lmao ❤

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