The new Weird Thing I could only Imagine in my Life

Wow.. hahaxD You are fun!
So, in this fic, you are Mana-chan.. ^-^
This is almost like fanfic.. but everyone will have a different ending.. wohoo!

Enough of babbling, now imagine yourself as the main character…


You wake up and you see a tree…
A TREE..?????? “Am I sleeping outside or something..? This cant be.. or am I dreaming..? yeah I must be..” you said to yourself… but you wake up anyway and noticed that you’re under an apple tree up on a hill.. and when you stand up, you could see a castle.. up at the other hill…

“Wow… where am I…? and wtf with this dream..?”

Then suddenly you saw a bunny..

“awww what a kawaii bunny-chan~”
“hey! dont call me that!”
O_O “what..? a bunny that could talk..?”
“of course! are you an idiot or what?”

Then, the bunny leave you alone.. in confusion….

“wow… what a weird dream….”


You walk alone until you saw a river…

You decided to sleep under the tree again and wish that this dream will end…

Choose wisely..

P/S : bookmark this page if you want to continue later.. xD but i still advice since I’m no making the progression yet.. lol When this answers turn to a link, it means that you can choose.. ;] and you will be in the next page xD


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