Your love is my darkness

You is dix Mana (^-^)\m/
And welcome to the story!

This is almost like fanfic.. but everyone will have a different ending.. wohoo!

Enough of babbling, now imagine yourself as the main character…


You run and run and run… Why..? You dont know.. You just feel like running… You are so frustrated with everything and youre running to get it out of you…
You run and run and run until you saw a river… It’s calm… and you decided to stay near there… just gazing at the water and relax yourself…

Then, you heard a sound of a flute.. playing somehow near..
but you didnt bother to find where it comes from.. you just sit there and listen to the beautiful melody…

after like 3 minutes, the sound is gone…
you groan a bit, wanting more.. the pure sounds of the flute somehow makes you feel very calm..
and now your head is sick again…

———-You decided to———–

Find the person whos playing the flute just now

Take a walk and go back home

Choose wisely..

P/S : bookmark this page if you want to continue later.. xD but i still advice since I’m no making the progression yet.. lol When this answers turn to a link, it means that you can choose.. ;] and you will be in the next page xD


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